Best Bloat-Fighting Meals


It’s so easy, especially living in the hustle and bustle of the city to fall into a bad habit of ordering takeout at night. Sure in the moment, that 3am Lo Mein tastes and probably feels amazing in the moment. But in the morning, you inevitably wake up SUPER bloated. The easiest way to fight this is by having a repertoire of quick minimal mess dinners that you can throw together or even order. I recommend sushi, as in just the pieces or fish and maybe some brown rice – with steamed vegetables. You can always order meals with sauces on the sides too to help control the amount of sodium. Or stock your fridge with healthier versions of your favorite sauces (swap soy sauce for Bragg’s Aminos or upgrade your Ketchup game) It’s best to get things that are baked or steamed – often times restaurants use the cheapest cooking oil they can buy – often Canola oil , soy or corn oli – which is HIGHLY inflammatory. So if any of your meals are fried or sautéed in cheap oil this is a major bloater and causes internal inflammation!



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