Best Foods to Fight that Sweet Tooth

image1 (4).JPG

We all have certain cravings, we’re human, it’s inevitable. While some of us crave carrot sticks and roasted chickpeas not all of us are so lucky and instead suffer from the all-too-common sweet tooth. By this point we have all heard the countless reports of the damage sugar does to our bodies but communicating that to our taste buds isn’t as easy. Sweets and pastries make us feel better when we are stressed out and angry and let’s face it, it’s so much easier to grab a donut for breakfast than to bother making that egg white frittata.

However, when we combine sugar AND simple/refined carbs in one go, it’s a one-two punch to the system (and not in a good way…think, bloat, inflammation, blood sugar spikes, mood swings, etc.). So one thing to try is to choose one or the other…either a piece of lower sugar fruit such as apples, pears or berries OR a piece of whole grain bread. But not both together. I’d also add a source of healthy fat/protein to help stabilize blood sugar and keep you feeling fuller, such as almond butter or hummus! Honestly the key is 1) knowing what triggers your cravings 2) BE PREPARED. Take an hour once a week and prepare healthy emergency snack options: homemade trail mix, hard boiled eggs, veggies to munch on, or just buy a bunch of organic apples. For quick grab ‘n go options in the store, reach for a snack bar with under 7grams of sugar, and in an ideal situation avoid ones with peanuts (peanuts are bad news bears in general because they are crazy moldy! ick) and refined/factory produced sugar sources such as corn syrup or cane sugar. And if you absolutely need it, honey, dates, and agave are more preferable sources of sweet.



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