New City? New Program

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We all know that moving to a new city is incredibly stressful.You have to make new friends,learn a new route to work, find a new juice bar… and as if all that isn’t crazy enough already, then there’s that whole “where do I find my workout-family” problem! Eek! It will always feel super intimidating but there are ways to rebuild your workout habits.

First and foremost, the important thing is to establish a schedule or routine for yourself. New environments really mess with your rhythm and flow of life and often the biggest challenge is simply finding a new time to DO a workout. I suggest you start by creating 4 hours a week where you set aside an “active ME time” (Netflix and naps will have to go somewhere else in the schedule – sorry). Put it in to your calendar as a recurring appointment for the next 6 months!! (Don’t worry if you find a time that’s better, you can just adjust as needed, just DON’T delete them). For the first few weeks, focus on simply keeping the appointment with yourself. When the appointment comes up, simply stop what you are doing a get up and get moving. I suggest going for a walk/jog/bike ride in your new neighborhood and focus on just exploring your new surroundings. Maybe pop in to a cute shop or cafe for a minute, and then keep going! Once you have that routine down, you can start to make it more structured such as actually signing up for a fitness class. Start with a pilates, yoga, zumba/dance or spin class because these can most easily be tailored to any fitness level. And at the end of the day – don’t be so hard on yourself! Give yourself credit for surviving and now thriving after the majorly stressful life event of uprooting your entire life! And when in doubt – there’s always netflix and naps!

This blog post is an excerpt from one of our live “Chat with Kat” Facebook events

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