Am I Killing My Knees?

image3 (1).JPG

We often hear runners complaining about joint pain in their knees. Even people who may run or jog 3-4 times a week sometimes feel pain while running as well. Often this kind of joint pain emerges from accidentally “over striding”. Simply meaning, taking too big a steps. It seems like big steps would be best because we can potentially cover more ground with less effort – and that does work in some instances (such as sprinting to the finish line), but not with continued repetitive motions for long periods of time. The key to increase your distance, and save your knees, is to focus on keeping your steps “under your body” – often meaning shorter but quicker steps. By shortening the stride this decreases the amount of impact that lands in the knee (and hip) joint with each stride and therefore allows you to run longer and/or further in a safe manner. Another great trick is to focus on landing mostly on the ball or front of the foot – this will automatically decrease the amount of pounding on the lower limbs as well as shorten the stride as mentioned before. Try this out a few times and see if you feel a difference!

This blog post is an excerpt from one of our live “Chat with Kat” Facebook events

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