The Best Workout Schedule



How often should I work out? This is pretty much the eternal fitness debate.
It’s important to move your body every day, but it is also important to allow it to rest and recover – so how do we balance that? Think of it this way. In an ideal world, you do 4-5 “Real or Hard” workouts! (take a class, lift weights, big cardio session, etc.) and then on the other days, yes consider them “rest days” but make it active rest, meaning – go for a walk around the neighborhood on your lunch break, take a gentle yoga class, go for a leisure bike ride in a park. Basically, think of a rest day as anything that is below your “butt kicking” workouts, but still gets you moving. Occasionally we have workouts that are extremely exerting such as running a race or trying a new sport/activity for the first time and as a result we feel REALLY sore and tired the next day. On those days, listen to your body and if it feels like you can do something light then go for it. Otherwise walk yourself to the nearest massage parlor or get acquainted with your foam roller instead.

This blog post is an excerpt from one of our live “Chat with Kat” Facebook events

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