Food Hacks to Ease Stomach Distress

image1 (3)

We often don’t realize how connected our mind and body really are. A common way in which this connection manifests is through digestive issues. If anxiety has been driving your stomach crazy lately, you can help settle your belly by making more careful food choices. Two things typically happen when this is taking place – either things stop moving along…or we get really bloated and sometimes gas gets trapped. For the first problem, try eating beets!! They won’t provide immediate relief so don’t expect movement five minutes after eating, but eat a beet or two at each meal for a day and that will loosen everything up and get you regular again. Also, dandelion tea is said to have the same effect. For bloating and gas, sip on peppermint or ginger tea. Ginger candies are good too, but just don’t go overboard as they are often coated in white sugar. Cilantro and Fennel seed are a natural diuretic and aside from relieving water retention, can help with stomach bloat. Also – try avoiding eating tons of raw vegetables….these require the most effort to digest and as a result can produce a lot of gas in the intestines. Instead, try steaming or lightly sautéing them before eating.

This blog post is an excerpt from one of our live “Chat with Kat” Facebook events

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